Change of plans

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Today was supposed to be a “visit the Maple farm day”.  But here in New York it’s 27 degrees and windy!!!!  Not sure we are up to riding on a tram in the freezing cold.  Normally we would not hesitate but this has been a very cold winter and I think the kids are ready for spring!!  Matter of fact it’s 11:53 a.m. and the 11 year old just rolled out of bed.  I think she’s decided to hibernate until spring.  So what to do? We have decided to stay nestled in the warmth and make these delicious cookies I saw on one of my favorite bloggers site.  Oatmeal Toffee cookies.

These cookies are simple to make and live up to their name.  Next time I will make it as granola so the kids can munch on it for a snack.  Easy to make and simple ingredients.

Cold Spring Day

Today was a chilly day.  Perfect day to make a pork roast and let it slow cook all day.  browned done 2 oven ready prep voila1  I browned the pork roast in Wildtree roasted garlic oil in a cast iron dutch oven.  These are truly the best for making any meat tender!!  Next I added 2 cups of water and 2 bouillon cubes (chicken) along with some cut up carrots, parsnips and onion.  I mixed 2 tablespoons of cornstarch into the liquid, threw in 3 cloves of garlic and a little pepper, covered it and cooked it at 275 for 4 hours.  The cornstarch made a wonderful gravy out of the liquid and the meat shredded without a knife.  Added mashed potatoes and some reduced fat Bisquick biscuits and dinner was served!!