Growing Potatoes

We plant and harvest potatoes every year.  Potatoes are so easy to grow and I try to convince all my friends to try it!! They are so fun to harvest as the kids love to dig for the little hidden treasures under the soil.  I keep seeing these container ideas for potatoes promising lots of potatoes so this year I think we are going to give it a try.  Due to space limitations we usually can only grow enough potatoes to last us through early spring and then I have to break down and (so sad) buy them.  So maybe trying this planter we will be able to grow more than normal to carry us through to August with our harvest.  Will keep you posted!!!

Here is the lastest idea I saw this morning and will try in a few short weeks when it’s planting season


My 70 year old mother tending to the potato patch she lives very close and spends most days hanging around the house with the grandkids while we are at work…that is when she can fit it in between her morning kayaking workout, prayer meetings, friend breakfasts you get the idea 🙂

ImageFreshly harvestedImage Cleaned and sorted by size to store for winter