Old Pots and Pans

Last summer I happened to stop at a garage sale with my mother as she can’t seem to drive past them without stopping.  While there I saw they had an old pot and pan set sitting out for free.  Now free at a garage sale, that must mean this is really junk!!  So standing there staring at them while my mother strolled around I realized free is something I can’t refuse.  I knew I could come up with something for them.  And here it is:



I hung some hooks on the garage wall facing our house, filled them with plants I knew would survive in drained soil and topped them off with a little soil.  Every single person (and I mean that literally) that came to our house commented on them and what a great idea they were.  Something so simple and so pretty.  Guess those garage sales aren’t that bad after all!!

3 thoughts on “Old Pots and Pans

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