Making lip balm


I think all parents with girls ages 7 and up know what an EOS is.  My daughter has hounded me to buy them in collection form like they are a “beanie” baby item.  Have to have them all.  Of course I have refused and told her she can earn money to buy one doing extra chores which of course she did as “all the girls have them” so she needed this desperately. 

I knew if I googled it we could find how to make your own egg shaped balm and that is what we did this morning while waiting for the sun to warm up are area so we could head outdoors. My 11 year old did everything herself with me watching over her:

Image Image

assembled the ingredients for different flavors and had a hard time opening our coconut oil hence her face

Image Image

put all the ingredients in the glass jar and put in hot water on burner to melt

Image Image

fill about 1/2 the “bottom” of the egg with tinfoil so the lip balm will sit on top of it as you can’t spread it on your lips if it’s sunk in the egg.  We glued our tinfoil to the egg on the bottom with E6000 glue.  Fill your scoop with the hot wax and let set (we used a medium size melon scoop) but you can use the bottom of another egg if you don’t have one.

Image Image

Pour a little of the hot “wax/balm” on top of the tinfoil and let set..  Once both pieces are set (we waited a 1/2 hour) pop the top out of the melon scoop and add a little of the hot balm on top of the tinfoil end and secure them together.  Let set for 1/2 hour in fridge before using.

Image Image

We made vanilla coconut flavor and coconut orange for her bff of course.

Image Image

Here is a list of what we used:

small size plastic Easter egg

glass jar

2 teaspoons olive oil

1 teaspoon shea butter

2 teaspoons beeswax (we bought the beeswax beads)

1/2 teaspoon flavored extract (you can use more if you want a stronger flavor) (if only using one flavor use one teaspoon)

1/2 teaspoon second flavor extract if mixing

1 teaspoon coconut oil

half teaspoon petroleum jelly (vaseline)

scoop or egg bottoms for shaping (if using the egg bottom you can line it with plastic wrap to get it out easier after it sets)

Mix the ingredients in the glass jar and glue the tinfoil into the bottom part of the Easter egg

put it in the water on the burner to melt

fill the scoop or egg bottom with the melted balm

pour a little on top of the tinfoil also as a base for the formed scooped balm to sit atop of when set

wait at least 1/2 hour and pop the set balm out

pour a little of the hot balm on top of the bottom tinfoil egg and secure your formed top on it pressing down slightly to secure

Let set in the refrigerator for at least 1/2 hour before using.  It’s better if you can let it set longer maybe even overnight

There are many youtube videos showcasing others making this with all different ingredients and versions.  We just happened to have most of the ingredients as we make a homemade body scrub with all natural ingredients also

Phew…now she can stop hounding me!!!




One thought on “Making lip balm

  1. I have boys LOL I had no clue what these were. Maybe I am lucky? Thanks for sharing on the (mis)Adventures Monday. I look forward to you sharing again!

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