I am not sorry…

It seems I am always apologizing when we go out with friends for being the first to say it’s time for us to leave.  I may seem like the “downer” in the group as I don’t drink like I used to, want to stay out much past a wonderful dinner and after dinner drink and I turn down many invitations to join great friends for a night out.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy it as I truly do.  I love getting out with our different groups of friends for a dinner at a new restaurant and socializing.  But after a great conversation over a nice dinner and drink, I am ready to head home.  So out come the words “sorry guys we have to get going”.  My friends are used to this from me now and sometimes they will try and convince me to stay for one more drink.  But most know it’s a waste of their time. .

Last night after dinner at a new restaurant in Buffalo and heading upstairs to the “hip” bar simulating a bar in the arctic carved out of ice, I was trying to figure out why I was counting down the time in my head to go home.  I enjoyed being there with my friends and had a great couple of hours over dinner and drinks.  But it hit me….I like my friends, even love some…but I love my home life more!!  I like being there to tuck my kids into bed.  I like knowing they find comfort in knowing their mom and dad are home and they are safe and sound.   I like knowing my barn is secure and all of our animals are fed and set for the night.  I like feeling fresh and not over tired the next day after a few hours out so I can enjoy what ever the day brings.

So after a brief stay in the arctic setting I decided I am not sorry and I will not apologize anymore when I feel I want to leave.  I very nicely leaned into the group of our friends and said…time’s up for me.  I’m ready to go home talk to you all soon!!


Chocolate Eclair Cake (this is a good one folks!!!)


Wow…is all I can say.  This was from a post on facebook and promised ease and deliciousness and it provided both!!

It is my friend of 23+ years birthday today.  Every year we get together and enjoy a dessert on our birthdays.  She ALWAYS wants Boston Creme Pie.  I usually request brownies (any type as I love them all!!).  After seeing this cake on FB I approached her carefully suggesting we try this as it’s close to the store bought pie we always have.  She reluctantly agreed.

So yesterday I made it.  It calls for a 9×13 regular cake pan so I made 2 smaller pans so we could have one for dessert last night as you know, we should probably try it before I spring it on her!!  My kids asked to help make this and it’s so easy and fit right into their realm of baking (because there is no baking!!). 

Here are the pictures of them making it:

Image Image

Image Image

And that’s it!!  Refrigerate and wait to dig in.  This was light, rich, creamy, chocolatey, and wonderful!!  After dinner we all tried it and my kids and their friends (there’s always friends at my house it seems, I have somehow become the “Kool-Aid” mom!!)  LOVED this and are already begging me to make it again.  It’s impressive looking too which does not hurt when bragging how you slaved to make it!!

Recipe below:


1 package (1 lb.) graham crackers (I bought 2 boxes and used a few from the 2nd package as I made 2 smaller containers)

2 small french vanilla instant pudding (3.4 ounces each)

3 cups milk (I used skim)

8 oz.  Cool whip (thawed)

1 prepared chocolate frosting (you can make your own too)

Mix pudding, cool whip and milk in a bowl.  Blend together for about 2 minutes (not more).

Place a layer of whole graham crackers on the bottom of a 9×13 cake pan (or use the 8×8’s like I did), then top with 1/2 the pudding.

Cover pudding with another layer of graham crackers, top with remaining pudding and another layer of whole graham crackers

Melt the frosting in the microwave for approximately 50 seconds, stir and pour it over graham crackers spreading gently to cover

Chill for 4 hours or overnight if you can wait that long!!!

Let me know what you think if you try it!!


Gardening in Pots

Gardening in Pots

This is yet another gardening in pots list of items that will do well!!  Too good not to share.

I have been a gardener for around 35 years.  Can’t believe I never thought of this until I started seeing it on facebook so much.  Without a greenhouse this is a good option.  I have already filled my pot for my “100 lbs” of potatoes from an earlier post and can roll it in and out of the garage if needed until we are sure it’s spring in Buffalo, NY.  Today it is 72 degrees and tomorrow the high is 37 degrees with a light dusting of snow predicted!! 

I will update on my pot gardening as time goes on!!