Stinky Cheese….

Ok, before I go any further I must state, I am not a cheese snob.  I love cheese, REAL cheese that is.  But today, a friend of mine I ran into in the grocery store looked at my cart when I explained it was Good Friday and we are Catholic so I was making homemade macaroni and cheese.  She said…why don’t you try the Velveeta macaroni and cheese instead of all of that work.  It’s really good. 

I admit, I have never made anything with Velveeta before.  I didn’t even know where to locate it in the store. But after hearing how easy it was, so quick and creamy, I went out in search.  I found it and read the box which boldly declares this is a cheese product.  UMMM..what exactly is a cheese product?  But I paid the almost $7.00 USD for it anyway and set off for home happy to try something new.


So this is all the ingredients needed (except for black pepper which I forgot to put in the picture and I added the garlic powder on a whim).

So I began by boiling the pasta


Drained it, added the cubed cheese, milk, pepper and a splash of garlic powder and this is what it looked like


as you can see I did not have enough of the elbow macaroni so I had to supplement with some penne.  You leave this on low heat until the cheese melts and that’s it.

I wish I could show you how big the pot was that this made.  Picture a full pound of pasta covered in this yellow, gooey, sticky mess.  I tried adding more milk to thin the cheese out.  I tried adding more pepper, more garlic powder, and more milk again.  This was horrid!!  My 9 year old son who loves my homemade mac and cheese tried it and said, no thanks.  My 11 year old looked at it, made a gagging motion and said that’s gross mom and along with her dad would not even taste it.  He ordered a fish fry to pick up instead!!  This was  HUGE fail.  And messy, sticky, gross one at that.

I have no idea what that Velveeta is.  It stuck to my fingers while trying to cube it, it’s soft and sticky.   I tried a piece and thought it tasted plastic like with a hint of cheese flavor but figured it had to get better cooked.  NOT!!

So I googled it just out of curiosity.  Whoa…tons of people like that stuff.  There are recipes all over the place with 4 or more stars.  My friend texted me a bit ago asking if we liked it.  We are friends so the truth must be told.  I said…ABSOLUTELY not and I have a full pot of it if you want to pick it up or it’s going in the garbage, which it did.

Am I missing something here?  I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with this cheese product!!

3 thoughts on “Stinky Cheese….

  1. Velveeta is, I don’t think, a real cheese, at least not all natural. It is stick and gooey, and the only thing I ever use if for is chili con queso. Mixed with Rotel tomatoes and heated slowly, that is pretty good. For your mac ‘n cheese, I’d say stay with what you know.

  2. I should have known when I found it on the end of an aisle next to the Sunny D drinks that it was not going to be a good choice. It was not even near the cheese products. Definitely going to stick with our old fashioned real macaroni and cheese!!

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