Playoff Hockey


You may know from my past posts we are a true hockey family.  Right now I am averaging about 5 hours sleep staying up late watching the playoffs but how can I turn it off when so many of the teams have some of our beloved former Buffalo Sabres on them????  And yes this prayer is for last nights Blues / Blackhawks game.  While Patrick Kane is from Buffalo, I am sorry Ryan Miller and Steve Ott rule in our house.  It was a hard loss and I did yell a few choice words at the TV.  I did feel better though knowing Lindy Ruff tied his series!!!  So our new tagline at home is GFBS (Go Former Buffalo Sabres)!!

2 thoughts on “Playoff Hockey

    • Very interesting article. I don’t agree with your statement of USA chanting at NHL games (I have been to many games in the past 30 years all over the country and in Canada) and never once have heard fans chant USA. Not even at playoff and championship games. I don’t think fans (even the fanatical ones) are blind to the fact their favorite teams have players from all over the world.

      It happens during the Olympics. Interestingly enough I think during the 2014 Olympics it was shown as a statistic that over 63% of the athletes participating and representing their countries live and train in the USA.

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