Healthy Kids snacks

Being in a 2 game a day hockey tournament for a 9 year old is a workout just as it would be for an adult.  I know how important keeping his body fueled is and I know he will be hungry after each game.  I try to prepare snacks ahead of time so he can grab something healthy quick rather than a sweet item or chips.  I also prepare his meals such as turkey on wholegrain bread with a slice of cheese, watermelon and some carrots and ranch dressing.  Being busy I find buying a vegetable tray every week may be a bit costly but it’s a great item to grab on the go when they are looking for a quick bite.

Today my snacks of choice for him were rice cakes with hazelnut spread and blackberries.  I find keeping berries in pretty bowls in the fridge will call to any child to choose them and sure enough he came in after his second game and headed straight to the fridge to snack on those while I prepared his rice cakes.  I knew this would hold him over until our dinner which was oven baked chicken, green beans and he chose a clementine and made his own plate.

Quick, healthy, energizing snacks to help in replacing all the vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals he worked off during his games!! 




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