Chicken Salad (keeping it light)

After a busy exhausting weekend, fast food in between games and a pot roast dinner, I decided we needed to lighten it up for dinner last night.  I made chicken salad wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves along with some boiled potatoes and sweet pear slices. Everyone was happy 🙂

I am not a fast food person.  I actually dislike most fast food places and will utilize them ONLY when we have to with our crazy schedule.  And it was crazy this weekend.  So by Sunday night I was feeling the effects of too many carbohydrates from the bagels I chose instead of burgers and fries and for the kids chicken pieces and fries.  It’s amazing what you feel after eating this type of food when you do not eat it often.  I felt sluggish, thirsty and just bloated.  I am sure the kids did not feel that way, but felt they should have a light dinner also.

Regardless….today I feel much better!!


I used 2 organic chicken breasts cut up, light mayo, celery, splash of ranch dressing, and pepper


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