Hidden Treasures


I am 47 years old and moved into the house we live in when I was 6.  It is an old farmhouse over 100 years old.  Growing up we did not have much money and the house took the brunt of not being looked after.  When my parents moved my then boyfriend decided to buy it and together we have revamped the house starting with having a new foundation poured (yes the house was on support beams with a 15 foot hole beneath it). But that will be a different post!!


I am fascinated with the things my kids find on our property with their metal detectors.  Today my son and his friend (yes the one who looks just like Ralphie from a Christmas story) decided to go on a treasure hunt as they did not have school.  They worked all around our ice pond which is about 2 acres back from the house and found a quarter from 1974. The area prior to us building an ice skating pond was always a wet area under water and my siblings and I we would skate on the little areas as kids in the winter. They wandered around in our new horse pasture which is about 4 acres back and found a hot wheels car.  They went back to our creek which is about 1/4 mile back and found many chunks of metal, a bottle cap, and an old hook. 

These hidden treasures draw me in and I only wish they could talk and tell me the story of how they ended up to be where they are.  Growing up these were all wooded areas with only deer trails through them that we would walk as a family on Sunday after church.  We would explore and maybe eat a picnic lunch while our dogs darted around exploring and us kids playing.  We rode our horse all over back there, pitched tents and slept out there, and spent countless hours playing in the creek that runs through our property.  At the time we did not own it.  We bought the 30 acres back there about 6 years ago but I always felt it was ours.  We have since cleared many trails with our tractor and chain saws so the kids can walk for miles, ride 4 wheelers, snowmobiles, horses and sometimes even their bicycles.  And while there are trails, it is still very wooded and home to wildlife such as deer, rabbits, mink, possum, coyotes, fox, hawks, raccoons and even skunk (YUCK!!) and a great place for our kids to explore and do all their mother did!!

So when items are found, I wonder if these are our hidden treasures of my childhood or possibly the family before us.  I wonder how a huge chunk of an old wagon wheel could be found in an overgrown area or a heavy duty rusted clip could be found in an area close to the creek.  Did it hold a horse for a drink while the farmer rested?  Was it children of long ago playing back there? If only the earth could talk and share all it’s history!!!


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