Grandpa’s Birthday

May is filled with birthday’s in our family.  It’s funny as the girls (my daughter, myself and my stepdaughter) are all born in May and ironically in the Chinese year of the horse.  The boys (Dad and son) were both born in September.  So tonight, May 1st kicks off the May birthdays with paternal Grandpa turning 83 today. 

We met for dinner at a restaurant in Lackawanna, New York to celebrate with Grandpa.  Grandpa is German but somehow it turned out to be an Italian restaurant which was great for us as we normally eat the “gravy” on Thursdays with my Italian background.  The restaurant boasted homemade pastas which turned out to be gnocchi and ravioli that were homemade.  They also push their “baseball sized” meatballs which truly were that size. 

Everyone liked their food, but it’s not a place I would go out of my way to eat at again.  I ordered a special which was goat cheese and walnut ravioli and of course I had to have a side order meatball.  The ravioli looked pretty but was sitting a thick buttery, oily sauce.  A drizzle of the sauce would have been great.  This way was overpowering and while greasy was not very tasty.  I removed the ravioli to a separate plate and it was ok, not fabulous.  The meatball was true to size but again a disappointment.  My son did not even eat half of his.  It was salty and the sauce was very sweet.  The meat was overrun with breadcrumbs and garlic.

All in all, Grandpa had a nice time and we are thankful to have a special dinner with him!!



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