Garden starting


I think (cross my fingers) it’s safe to say we are done with under 35 degree temperatures and it’s time to really start my seedlings.  I started a few items a couple weeks ago that take longer to produce such as brussel sprouts, broccoli, and red cabbage.  But yesterday I made sure to get everything going including trying a big container to produce my potatoes.  I will still plant potatoes in my garden just to be safe as I need that harvest for the winter and am not 100% on container ideas.  Some other container plants I have tried this year are lettuce and carrots.  I will post pictures of my progress as we go.  Hopefully the rain stops long enough for us to get the actual gardens tilled and ready for planting!! These are pictures of a few of the containers going.  I have 2 more containers like these started.  I do not plant everything at once as I like to stagger it so you are picking fresh food at different times and not all at once when the plant produces.



Happy Saturday!!

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