Comanche is now remembered as the only surviving member of LTC George A. Custer’s immediate command at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. He has always been a symbol of the role of the U.S. Cavalry in the taming of the great plains during the era of  western expansion. When he died in 1891 his remains were preserved for eternity. Comanche now resides in the Dyche Natural History Museum on the campus of the University of Kansas at Lawrence. He resides in a specially designed humidity-controlled glass enclosure. 

Footnote: Comanche was reputed to be the only survivor of the Little Bighorn, but quite a few Seventh Cavalry mounts survived, probably more than one hundred, and there was even a yellow bulldog


**I am not sure such a regal animal would have wanted to be preserved in the manner he is.  I would think he would rather be one with the earth**  Just my opinion


2 thoughts on “Comanche

    • I wondered that also and have searched it on the internet a few times. It seems every website has a different take on him being the only survivor. The 7th Cavalry was a backup and many of them survived so they are included in the survivors list on some sites. Other sites explain the massacre of all of Custer’s regime were killed and when the 7th Cavalry arrived Comanche was the only survivor from the fighting regime. I just love the stories and the history after he recovered from his injuries.

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