Rescue Dog


Wrinkles is ready for the floods the rain keeps bringing

When I saw things were starting to change in our older dog and how it was upsetting the kids, I decided it would be an easier transition when the time comes if they had another dog to continue to love.  So along came “Wrinkles”. 

Wrinkles is a rescue dog from Black Dog Second Chance rescue.  It’s a fact that black dogs are not as quickly adopted as other colored dogs.  We adopted “Wrinks” when she was 15 weeks old.  She was pretty quickly house trained which was a treat. She attends doggie daycare once a week on Mondays and has for the 2 years we’ve had her.  We were told she was most likely a border collie/black lab mix but it was quickly apparent she is a black lab/pitbull mix.  I was concerned about it at first as we live on a farm with lots of animals.  It was a rough year and a half with her constantly attacking our smaller animals but a vibration collar helped alleviate the problem.  For some reason she is very slow to warm up to any strangers but I can deal with that.

She still has her crazy quirks like any other dog (like always being up on the outside table!!) but she is a faithful companion and protector to the kids and our home and our older dog Riley has shown her the ropes around the farm and she is respectful and obedient to him.  All in all I am glad we went the rescue route and our kids have their dogs as companions!!


Riley teaching Wrinks to monitor the new pasture


Wrinkles first day here


surveying the pond with the kids


Nothing to see here


Puppy Love


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