Homemade Chicken Fingers (teaching kids to cook)


I was raised helping at mealtime.  Whether it was setting the table, getting the napkins out, making the salad, or cooking.  There was always work to be done and no reason why a child should not help.  I firmly believe it’s a LIFE skill every child should be taught and asked to participate in from the moment they can walk and comprehend.  The skills I learned are invaluable to me.  They taught me responsibility, organization, accountability and most importantly pride.  I was proud to put something on the table I helped make or made on my own.  I remember at a family party when I was around 7 years old at my grandparents asking if I could make a “carrot” salad.  My grandmother said go ahead but don’t waste anything.  So I peeled those carrots, sliced them into thin rounds, put a little oil on them (vegetable as that’s what we used back then), a dash of vinegar, salt, pepper, and sprinkle of sugar.  They were hard, oily and not that great but everyone tried them and my grandmother said over and over again how wonderful they looked and how pretty the salad made the table and how happy she was that she could rinse the leftovers in water and steam them for another dinner.   I was proud!!

My kids are expected to help in the kitchen (girl loves it, son I have to force most of the time), especially if I am making something they love.  Chicken Fingers is one of those foods. 


not sure why the bird face but whatever

My daughter (yes the one who just turned 12 and is posing like a freak) had the job of breading the chicken.



I cooked them in light grapeseed oil


looking good


sons job to put hot sauce mixed with melted butter on and set table

I like my chicken fingers “Buffalo” style which is Franks hot sauce heated with a little melted butter and shaken or drizzled onto the chicken.  Man of the house, son and myself eat them that way dipped in blue cheese.  Daughter eats them plain.


A little side of garlic butter noodles and raw carrots and it’s a go!!  Everyone’s happy.


Chicken Fingers

6 – 8 thin sliced chicken tenders (you can use thin breasts or pound down regular breasts and cut them into slices

Italian seasoned bread crumbs

Panko bread crumbs (any style)

Oil for frying (you don’t need to submerge them just enough oil to cook both sides and keep the pan lubricated)



Dip the chicken strips into the egg and then milk and then coat with bread crumbs.  Cook approximately 4 minutes on each side or until they are cooked through.  Lay on papertowels and cover with tin foil while making hot sauce.


Depending on how hot you like your sauce you can adjust the amounts.  I use approximately 1/3 cup of hot sauce and 3 tablespoons butter.  You can add more butter if it’s too hot or less if you want them spicy.

Serve with celery and carrots sticks and a side starch.

**Chicken fingers are expensive in a restaurant.  This meal is a money saver when you make it at home!!**



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