Pizza Night


whatever you do, don’t cross the pepperoni line!!

Let’s see what to do when you have 30 minutes to cook a meal, eat it and get to a softball game?  How about get a crust out of the freezer, have the kids make it how they want it while you make a salad to serve with it.  In 15 minutes you are eating, shoving the dishes in the sink and walking out the door with an extra 30 seconds to spare!! YES!!

Making your own pizza is so much more fun for the kids than ordering one.  You can buy frozen crust and store it easily in the freezer or buy a mix and make the crust for convenience.  My kids love making their own side especially because the picky girl eats basically crust and cheese while the boy likes lots of sauce, cheese, pepperoni and red onion.  The parents get to have a piece of each and the kids are proud of making dinner for mom and dad!!

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