Relay for Life (Cancer Fundraiser)

photo 2-1

Jon Jon

I had mentioned in a past post I have a friend who lost her son, Jon Jon, to brain cancer when he was just 7 years old.  It was heart wrenching and probably the worst thing a person can ever endure.  Every year our community hosts a Relay for Life cancer walk fundraiser and my neighbor (Jon Jon’s aunt) forms a team in his honor to raise money for cancer research.  Tonight was a beautiful night in Buffalo and perfect for the occasion.  It’s an honor to watch the “survivor” parade walk around the track and meet others battling cancer.  It’s a very humbling experience and while it’s a serious event, it is run in a very positive way and there are tents set up with tons of fun things to do, eat or buy!!  We had a great time attending the Relay.

photo 3-1

photo 4

kids going up slide

photo 2

Chase’s turn down

photo 1

Chance head first of course

photo 1-1

touching luminaries in honor of survivors, battling cancer and those lost

photo 3-2

Beautiful sunset over the park

photo 1-2

Luminaries lit up at night. There are hundreds of them around the track

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