Carrots (Container Gardening)


Before I left for work this morning I ran to check on some of the new container gardens I have going.  These are my carrots.  They are about 3 weeks old now and you can see they are growing nicely. There are lots of new little growths started in there also but my photography was not great.  I have 2 of these containers and the other one is doing as well as this one.

I love to grow our own carrots but our land is filled with clay.  It’s difficult to get deep enough even with the tiller to get a nice long shaped carrot.  I am using these containers which are actually coolers as they are deep.  I mixed potting soil with sand so the carrots can grow as deep as the container if they need to.  Hoping this works!!

My potatoes are doing very well also.  Will take pictures of all the containers soon.

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