Father’s Day Fun

niagara falls

This is Niagara Falls and the white mist in the distance is actually the Falls.  Today was a day of relaxation and fun after the man of the house returned from an early morning being called in to work.  Started with the kids giving their dad their gifts and then we headed out for a ride around the Island and capped it off with a cookout and our carrot cake.

The tween decided she wanted to make their dad his gift so yesterday they spent the entire day cutting, painting and making a putting green complete with a #1 Dad flag for the hole.

Here are some pictures from our adventures of the day!!

putting hole2

waiting for dad to get home

putting hole

first putt of the day

niagara falls bridge

Bridge on the other side of the Island taking you to Niagara Falls, NY

light reflections

I love the light reflection in the Niagara River

fathers day

giving Dad his gifts


First tube ride ever for the 12 year old!!

chase 2

coming in after a fun ride

I am exhausted and ready for bed!!  Another day of blessings!!

Fitness Challenge Update


Today is the half way point (day 15) of my fitness challenge from my earlier post.  I thought I would update you so anyone thinking of trying it can print it out and get started!!

I have to tell you I am by no means a thin person and could lose 50 lbs I am sure.  But I am VERY active.  These little challenges are a GREAT way to get yourself motivated as they start slow and you can break them down to fit into your busy life.  I did my leg lifts at 11:45 last night as I ran out of time during the day but I got them done!!

SQUATS: These do get your heart rate pumping working those large quadricep muscles in the front of your thighs.  The hamstrings in the back of your leg push you back up.  These have felt good to do but I could probably have done more to start as I am now starting to feel the sore muscles moving up to 55 squats.  It’s a good sore though and I can feel the difference in my strength with these.  I do reps of 15 each and then then a set of 10 and will keep it to 15 reps only so I can continue to do them correctly for all the benefit!!

PUSHUPS:  I am pretty strong in upper body so pushups have not been too much of a bother just yet.  I made it through 13 today with the last one being more of a push to get done.  I will break these into groups of 10 as I go along.

LEG LIFTS:  Good Lord why must your torture me???  These are my arch nemesis!!  But I will tell you the first week I could barely get through 5 so did reps of 5.  I am now up to reps of 15!!!! YAYY ME!!  This is when you see the benefit of what you are doing!!  And it’s the best motivation to keep pushing myself.

I hope some of you will give this a try.  It makes it easier starting slow and being able to do it at your own pace and whatever time you have!!

I also bought a fit bit which is a great motivational tool when in the community with your friends competing everyday to get more “steps, stairs, and active minutes” than them.  Bought the man one to give him for Father’s day today!!