Chicken Broth

chicken stock

Making your own chicken broth/stock is something you should do a few times a year and freeze.  It is healthier as it does not have sodium or any preservatives in it.  It is cost effective as you can use it anytime a recipe calls for chicken broth/stock and it cuts down on your cooking time of the actual meat you boiled.

Tonight we were having bone in chicken breasts on the grill so I boiled them for 20 minutes before grilling them.  I then put the stock into containers to freeze for whenever I need chicken stock or broth in a recipe.  (these containers are from wonton soup at the chinese restaurant and they work great!!).  I also use the stock to make a quick batch of chicken noodle soup whenever the mood strikes!!  You can then refreeze the soup in the same cleaned containers.

So the next time you are having chicken, take a few extra minutes and make your own natural stock.  It’s worth every penny saved!!



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