Carrots (container gardening)


I mentioned I would share my first experience trying container gardening for some of our vegetables.  I am so impressed with how well the containers are doing.  I tried containers for peppers, lettuce, potatoes, and carrots.  So far everything is taking off perfectly.  These are great ideas for the person with limited space.  Now there is no excuse not to grow some of your own food 🙂

My carrots are coming in great.  Here are the before pictures through today.  I planted these on May 8th.  I usually do 3 to 4 plantings of carrots so the second set is going in this weekend.  I like to space it out so not everything is ready for harvest at once.

carrots3   Second container I planted

CARROTS this was the picture on June 4th.

So get to the dollar store of garage sales and pick up some large containers and a bag of soil and get planting!!!


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