Strawberry Fields Forever…..


Today was our picking day.  I started taking my kids when one was 3 and the other was 1.  It used to be just mommy and kids time.  Then as the children got older they always told friends about going and would ask if they could come.  Now it’s grown into friends and friends parents who come along.  Today we had 3 families and 2 kids who came along while their parents were at work.  I don’t like to take credit where it’s not due but 2 families today never went picking until their kids met my kids 🙂  I am very good friends now with both of these women and enjoy spending time with them when I can.

Well today’s experience was not our best…it’s about a week later than when we normally go so picking was not as fast as you had to search for the nice size berries.  It was also about 84 degrees in full sun with 80% humidity.  My son and his friend picked a quart each.  My daughter who is the best helper picked one quart then went to the truck for some water to drink, stubbed her toe on a rock and cut it pretty nastily.  It bled everywhere as toes do.  So her and the boys sat in the truck with the air on for almost 40 minutes while the rest of us picked.  But it’s done and we have the berries we needed.  Our strawberry plants at home are just starting to produce so we will have another 5 or more quarts in a few weeks.

As soon as we got home the kids grabbed a pack and headed out the door to play in the tree fort and eat their strawberries. They mark the quarts they pick with weeds so they know which is the one they want to eat.



Tomorrow is something called Kidz Biz set up in our town hall and my kids have a karaoke booth so I will not be “jamming” until Sunday. For now I have the wonderfully sweet smelling strawberries in the fridge.



Yeah…I definitely hate when that happens


Today is pick strawberries day.  We are off to pick 18 quarts of strawberries to make our strawberry jam.  It’s the only jam my son has known and will eat so I like to have 18 jars…12 for us and 6 as gifts throughout the year.  We will also freeze 8 gallon bags by flash freezing so you can pull out a few or a whole bag as flash freezing keeps them from clumping together in the freezer!!

FLASH FREEZING:  wash and cut the hulls (leafy things) off.  Pat dry on a paper towel.  Lay on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer for 30 minutes.  Remove and place in gallon freezer bags and store for up to a year (you can go longer if you want to).

FLASH FREEZING can be used on peppers, cherries, blueberries and any other fruit/veggie including tomatoes!!

Enjoy your day!!