It was a VERY hot and humid day today.  My kids worked something called Kidz Biz.  It is at our town hall and kids can rent spaces and sell goods.  It is set up to teach them about running a business.  My kids had a Karaoke stage and sold some chips and drinks.  It was 93 degrees with over 80% humidity.  I could barely last the 6 hours with setting up and tearing down.  We all raced home and jumped into the pool.  It was brutally hot but the kids worked their booth and made about $46.00 after paying the loans they took out (from mom and dad to buy the items and rent the space) so they were hot but happy.

My neighbor took the picture above at the river.  It was a beautiful sunset over Canada.

Here are some pictures of the Kidz Biz event.  UGH….it was hot and I am so NOT a heat person!!





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