Heavy Heart


The time has come and if you are an animal lover you know this time is inevitable.  Regardless, it tears you apart inside and tests your strength.  Tomorrow we will say goodbye to our beloved Riley.  We have had 14 1/2 years of love and devotion with him and it’s time to let him go with dignity and no suffering.  It’s times like these that make me realize I am not as strong as I think I am.  But for all he’s given to us, I will give him all that I have so he’s at peace and not afraid.  We have a wonderful service here called Laps of Love and they will come right to the house so he can be comfortable in his own home surrounded by our love. 

4 thoughts on “Heavy Heart

  1. I’m so sorry! When Tom and I were married I had an old lab who we knew would not handle moving to a new home well. My parents kept her a few more years. She was almost blind, had bad hips and was deaf. She was 13 when we decided to have her put down. Our vet came right to their house and got to peacefully pass away on her dog bed. Deciding to have a pet out down is never easy.

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