Planes, Helicopters and Sky Divers


Chance in the white and his buddy Graer

The next street over from our street is about 2 miles.  There is an air strip behind a house on that street.  Every year they host a community event for FREE yes it’s true FREE.  The event has a ton of planes that fly in and out of their strip, sky diving exhibitions, helicopters, Mercy Flight (which is a medical helicopter), food, drinks, ice cream!!, Border Patrol trucks and helicopters, our local Fire Department trucks, and a police dog canine show.  It’s a fun and entertaining event.  You can talk to the pilots, tour the planes and watch them takeoff and land, sit in the helicopters and so much more. 

We went last night and it was amazing as usual.  I think I enjoy the sky divers the best drifting high in the sky and putting on their show.  You can see video of the demos here

Here are a few of the pictures I took also.  Such a wonderful family/community event!!

photo 5 photo 1 clouds chance

taking off skydivers runway

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