Oven Roasted Chicken


When your local store has a sale on whole chickens you should always buy a few to stock up.  Our local grocery store had whole chickens in February for .88 cents a pound.  That is a fabulous price so I grabbed 4 of them each around 5 lbs.  There is something about an oven roasted chicken that makes me feel that “homey” feeling.  The meat is moist, the smell in the house is wonderful and my family can’t wait to dig in.

Here is how I roast my chicken:

Place the chicken in an oven roasting pan

Rub the whole chicken with salt/pepper/ and garlic infused oil

Chop an onion and place it in the pan

Cover and put in the oven at 225 degrees for about 5 hours or until the juices run clear

The meat is so tender it literally falls apart. 

This will easily make 2 meals for our family of 4 (and my mother who is here having some right now).  Tonight we had chicken, gravy on noodles, and cranberry sauce.  Tomorrow I will make chicken and rice (another of their favorites) with the leftovers


Photobombed by Chance as he could not wait to grab the leg!!!


garlic oil, salt and pepper with onion in pan


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