Load Number One


And so it begins…the first of the 1100 or so bales of hay we have delivered at our house and our neighbors.  We always get a group together to unload.  Tonight was the first of our deliveries at my barn.  In total 160 bales.  While it’s heavy work it is also a huge peace of mind to know after another 2 loads we will be fully stocked for whatever Mr. Winter throws our way.  Our horses, goats and rabbits will eat good regardless!!


7 thoughts on “Load Number One

  1. I remember doing hay a long time ago, the difference for me was that we grew it so haying was the whole process. My dad would cut it, I would rake it, he would bale it and then I got to run around the field on my motorcycle making sure the bales where standing up on their sides so that the hay wagon could pick it up. Then it got brought back to the barn and the two of us would unload and stack it in the hayloft. Then we would have to go over to my aunt’s horse ranch and help them unload wagon after wagon of hay as well! It was dirty, scratchy work but I still love the smell of freshly cut hay!

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