Container gardening

small pepper

Very small orange pepper started

I have used containers for gardening for the first time this year for some of our vegetables.  The lettuce has done very well in small containers throughout the yard.  The potatoes seem to be growing very well as the tops are beautiful bushes and I won’t harvest for a few more weeks.

photo 2




The carrots are awesome and really growing into a nice size

carrots3photo 4

But I am not sure of the container peppers.  My grandmother always grows regular green bell peppers in pots on her balcony.  Hers are doing wonderful.  So far this is my first pepper on the three plants I have in my pots.  You can see it’s not very big but I am hoping over time it will grow and turn orange as that is the color it’s supposed to be.

small pepper

I am glad there are farmers markets all over as I am not too hopeful about these and I like to stock up and flash freeze them to use throughout the winter and spring.  If the weather we have been having is any indication, fall will be very early.  It was 59 degrees here last night and today the high is only 72.  Cold already!!  But I won’t complain as it’s helping my cabbage and brussel sprouts along.

3 thoughts on “Container gardening

  1. I like using containers also for my vegetables. I always have success with grape tomatoes in containers. As a home health aid I enjoy sharing a large grape tomato plant with my patients. It is enjoyable for them to watch mature and they are easy to tend and produce quite a few tomatoes over the summer months.

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