Fairy Garden

shrooms2shrooms3 shrooms

Back on our property (the same property I grew up on) we have a memorial garden set up where we scattered my father’s ashes.  It’s a very tranquil spot and my mother planted some very beautiful plants all around that bloom at different times. 

It’s been a very rainy season this summer and this morning I found these huge mushrooms growing near the garden.  They are so unique looking.  It gave me a chuckle also as mushrooms were one of the foods my father detested.  I remember him saying anytime he saw people eating them “yuck who wants to eat fungus”.  I always laughed when he said it.

I am going to run to the store later and buy a few “fairy” items and let the kids create a fairy garden around these.  I think they would enjoy that and I know their Grandpa looking down on them will also.

2 thoughts on “Fairy Garden

  1. Too funny that your dad detested mushrooms yet they are growing in his special memorial place! I love that you are creating a fairy element to your garden, too 🙂

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