The story of a Pumpkin


This is the story of one sad, lonely pumpkin.

seeds 5-9

15 Pumpkin plants were planted by seed.

coming up 5-23

They were nourished and cared for when they started to sprout

tractor1 newspaper

Their permanent home was well looked after and filled with organic soil to encourage their growth to maturity

corn celery cukes bags

They were lovingly planted in the soil with all of their sproutlet friends

photo 2-2 photo 1-2 photo 1-1 photo 4-2

And everything was flourishing while the beautiful pumpkin vines were spreading their wings and taking over their corner of the garden.


And a baby was born finally

photo 2-1

And he started to grow bigger.  Everyday yearning for a pumpkin sibling to join him.


But that was not to be and out of 15 plants this is our only sad, lonely pumpkin!!



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