Potatoes (Container Gardening)

Container gardening is becoming more popular especially for people who do not have large areas for gardens.  This year I planted potatoes in containers as well as lettuce, peppers, and carrots.

photo 4

We planted red potatoes, fingerlings (smaller size potato) and russet (medium to larger size great for baking).

We harvested the containers last night.  We had about 22 lbs of wonderful potatoes.  That sounds like a good harvest but usually when we plant in the ground we will harvest about 30+ pounds.   Either way, the potatoes look great and are now washed, layered in newspaper in a basket and stored in the cool basement.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Here is our potato project from May 9, 2014 through Sept. 9, 2014

potatoes 5-9potatoes

potatoesphoto 5

4 thoughts on “Potatoes (Container Gardening)

  1. Those are some nice looking potatoes. Not a bad yield for pots. I do pots as well as grow in raised beds. I get much better production in the beds than in the pots also, but usually grow in the pots for small, new potatoes anyway.

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