Garden Whimsy

photo 1-5

I think a garden/landscaping looks homey and fun with a few whimsical items placed all around.

I should have posted these pictures when my gardens were in full bloom as I am now collecting these to store them away for the winter.

photo 2-5

I love these little wooden clogs I picked up at our church rummage sale for $2.00.  They add a festive flare to a door we rarely use.


And apparently the tween likes them also as she seems to have them on her feet quite often throughout the summer.

photo 2-8photo 2-9

This little boy and girl were a gift from my mother and her friend.  He welcomes all our visitors near our main door.  His cute sister sits proudly on her snail watching over the front of the house and the birds that visit the feeder near her.

photo 1-9

This crazy horse planter features pretty impatients and has a wagging tail that blows in the wind

photo 4-4

This knight is a happy guard by the front door to watch who enters his kingdom

photo 3-5

Just across the walkway on the other side of the front porch momma hen and her chicks feel safe with the knight so close by

photo 1-8 photo 5-3

The little strawberry pitcher is usually spilling forth a hanging vine but it has since died and the pitcher will now take it’s place nestled in the garage for the winter along with our sweet lamb and her mums!!



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