One of the main reasons I like where I live is we have four very distinct season changes.  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter bring a change of nature all around us.  It is never the same picture.  Year after year there are slight changes to how Mother Nature chooses to show you the change of season.


This past Sunday these trees lined the football endzone.  It’s easy to see how the outside tree is protecting the inside one from the winds and the sun.  A true picture of the change of season.

Of course I have a favorite season, Fall.  Fall is so full of life to me.  The cooler crisp air, the change of leaves, apple scents all around, pumpkins decorating porches, earlier nights, small fires in the woodburner making the house feel cozy, 4 wheeling fun, feisty animals celebrating the cooler temperatures, pine cones, FOOTBALL!!, cheerleading, farm work easing up, trail rides, corn mazes, Thanksgiving and the smell of the wet leaves!!

Here are some of my favorite fall things:

applesauce apple pie maze6 maze5maze2 maze1 maze4mazechase 4 wheeler

I love this time of year but look forward to the next change of season just as much!!  Bring on the snow 🙂

4 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. We had a terrible winter last year so I am dreading the word WINTER…and SNOW..I wish fall would be here forever. Have a great week and thanks for sharing beautiful photos!

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