Rescue Duck– last update

photo 1

Mrs. Waddles our rescued and rehabilitated duck has now “flown the coop”.

She was a baby mallard found in a road.  She was raised for a month by a family with 2 children who cared for her in their home and bath tub.  When it became apparent she needed more they asked us to take her on the ranch.  Because she spent the first 4 weeks of her life in a home as a pet being carried all over by a cute little girl and boy, she truly had no idea how to be a duck.

We set up an area connected to our chicken and goat pasture so she could go in and out with all of the other animals.  Each day she became a little less “tame”, preferred the animals over the people, learned to swim and enjoy water and puddles, learned to forage for her food and bugs and how to dig in the mud like a duck.  Slowly she started to fly.  She flew further and longer away every time and she has now left our home.

We will miss her but are happy she is living the free life a mallard should live 🙂

Here is the link to more pictures of her here:  Mrs. Waddles

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