Fall Gardening


Certain items do so well in the fall.  The temps here are around 55 – 65 during the day and 39-45 at  night.

Right now our Celery is thriving.  I have 6 bunches growing and they are all perfect just like the one above.

Brussel Sprouts are another fall item here.  They take a looong time to produce and ours are starting to produce finally now.  I have 12 plants and they all have nice little “babies” forming.  We harvest them on the small side as we prefer them that way when we cook them.  These plants have about another 10 – 12 days before we will harvest.


These little hardy Cherry Tomatoes are still hanging in there.  They are a great snack at night or for lunch!!


And it’s nice to be greeted by the zinnia still in bloom when entering the garden!!


Apple Cinnamon Loaf

divine cooling

With apples in season so many places this is a great bread to make and freeze.  It’s great as a warm dessert, snack and even for breakfast.  I make small loaves and give them away as gifts during Thanksgiving.

You can find the recipe under the “Sweet Breads” category on my blog or on my facebook page here:  Apple Cinnamon Loaf