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Goat house and pasture

Sometimes there are little projects that nag at you.  We have had a horse fence that needed mending for almost 2 months and we have some chickens who have taken up rooming in the goat house and needed a place of their own if they are to stay there for the winter.

Both of the projects were completed this weekend along with getting the snowmobiles out and tuned up, cheer practice, and 3 hockey games.  Add to that 2 trips to the mall to buy jeans and then exchange jeans, regular farm work with the animals, and some great burgers for dinner.  All in all a productive weekend!!

Here is a recap of our work.  I have a few little things to do like decorate!!!  But other than that, it’s now perfect for all animals to reside in for the winter.


Farm helpers Chance and his buddy Graer with the man fixing the horse pasture


Gutting the goat house to redesign

The goats were anxiously awaiting to see what was taking place in their home

IMG_0826 IMG_0828

A new wall was designed to let chickens pass but not goats

IMG_0830 IMG_0848

A cool old piece of cupboard that was a garbage pick was designed for a door into the chicken area


The chickens were getting worried so decided to huddle under cover waiting to see their home while others decided to keep scratching for some lunch

IMG_0829 IMG_0817

And inside the roosting area, feeding, area and natural nesting boxes were being put in place.  We will look for decorations as the days go on and find some fitting pieces to decorate their area.  So far they love their new home.

IMG_0850 IMG_0852 IMG_0851

Next up was cleaning out the snowmobile trailer and priming the sleds for the upcoming season followed with 2 wins of hockey games!!


And now while everyone is asleep, I am having a night cap to end a great weekend


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