A sad Christmas break goodbye


Today we had our first lunch “cookout” of 2015 complete with hot dogs and chicken on the grill, macaroni salad, potato salad, fruit platter, and chocolate pie for dessert.  It was our salute to the 2014 Christmas break as it’s officially over tomorrow and back to work and school for us.  Our neighbors came over to join in the goodbye.

My friend Julie is a great cook and always makes beautifully displayed and tasty dishes.  She made a macaroni salad with wagon wheel noodles which the kids love.  She also brought a wonderful assortment of fresh fruit.  IMG_1292 IMG_1296 IMG_1295

I marinated chicken breasts in a store bought Italian dressing and we grilled that along with the tasty hot dogs.

potatosalad4salad salad2 IMG_1293

I also made potato salad and a snack tray to pick at while waiting for the food to cook.

The tween queen decided she wanted to make a chocolate pudding pie for dessert.

pie pie2 pie4 pie3

She assembled the ingredients and using a store bought crust made the homemade filling.  Recipe here: Chocolate Pudding

This is the easiest and creamiest pudding recipe I have used and I am thankful to fellow blogger Jodi from Of Kids and Cows  for this perfect pudding recipe!

It’s a sad day saying goodbye to another year and wonderful break with the kids home from school, but it was a nice afternoon easing us into the coming routine again.

You can find my Classic cook out Potato Salad recipe here:  Potato Salad

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