Yes, I am a cheater sometimes.  But only when I have to be.

This is my “Cheaters Lasagna” for those nights you have hockey, basketball, shopping, barn chores, lunches to make for the next day..well you get the idea.  This is super easy, fast and yummy.

IMG_0776 IMG_0777

You can see how I make our “Cheaters Lasagna” on my Facebook page here:  Cheaters Lasagna


Lunch Tip


A small bowl of colorful berries is a great way to get those extra vitamins into the kids during their busy day.


The reusable containers help to keep “green” and fit perfectly into lunch boxes.


Some homemade soup, favorite snack, and nutritious dessert to compensate for the sugar drink make for a very kid friendly lunch packed full of vitamins and the energy they need!