Busy Saturday


Saturday was a busy day in this household.  After early morning feeding and barn chores we kicked off the day at 7:30 a.m.  This weekend was a huge tournament in Buffalo, NY for hockey.  Teams came in from all across the US, Canada and even a team from Moscow.  The boys team played in the tournament and were featured in our local paper.  Chance is the boy on the bench holding the white bladed stick waiting for his shift on the ice.

2015 varsity team

The hockey game was followed by an 11:30 basketball game for the tween queen.  The team did awesome and won their game and even posed nicely for a team picture!


After the game we decided to hit a local antique shop and look for some goodies.  There really were some unique items at this shop such as this sombrero.


A quick stop for a late lunch on the way home and the kids were off to play outside.


After some fun snow wars it was time for some snowmobiling and sledding.


And then grandma stayed with the kids so mom and dad could enjoy an evening ride around half of the Island.

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