Car Wash Terror


Winter in Buffalo means buying car wash books to keep the salt off your cars. After a morning car wash today, by nightfall it’s all back.


I remember when my daughter was old enough to realize she was terrified of the car wash. We pulled in and she was excited waiting to go through the “Octopus” wash.


And then the “Octopus” hit the car and she let out a whimper and asked to hold my hand.

wash3 wash2

And then came the red spinner.  The whimper grew a bit louder and she let go to plug her ears.

wash5 wash6

I told her to look at the pretty lights outside the soap suds but soon the window was covered and she said “hurry mommy turn on the car lights so it’s not dark in here”.


A quick rinse and hot dryers and she could see the day light in her near future and she very sternly stated “I never wanna go in there again”.

I think at the age of 12 she is finally getting over her traumatic car wash fear 🙂