A week in review

Last weekend we finally had a one day break in the frigid temperatures to get outdoors and enjoy the winter.  The boy and his friend begged me to get the snowman kit together so they could build and decorate a really cool snowman.  This is what happened:

3-1c 3-1d

The excitement to “make” the snowman faded as the snow paint was more fun to spray all over and make designs with.

3-1a 3-1b

The tween queen and the man of the house had the opportunity to take a ride around our Island.  The trails were perfect and they had a great time on the 26 mile trek.

A few things happening on the homestead were:


Kitchen Tip:  Always using scissors to cut scallions and other vegetables.  Scissors are a kitchen must in my world! I use them to cut scallions right onto the plates, make diced onions from sliced onions, cutting lettuce and kale for salads, etc.


Homemade pudding was made for a lunch treat at the request (or possibly nagging) of the kids.  You see it’s been about two weeks since I have made it and you know…they are deprived in their eyes!  Here is the recipe:  Chocolate Pudding

And tonight I am making a “magic” cake for a bake sale tomorrow at school.  If all turns out well, I will share that recipe tomorrow.  Hope the magic happens!

4 wheeler

Oh yeah…I hate to admit this but I got the 4 wheeler stuck again!  Thank God for good neighbors who came and dug me out so I didn’t have to tell the man of the house 🙂

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