Mother Nature


If you look closely you will see this strange situation happening.  This sunflower is growing out of a crack in a dead tree by our garden.  It’s amazing how mother nature works!!

8223 8222

We fill a few of our bird feeders with sunflower seeds so a bird must have had a nest in this tree at some point.  But how it started and found it’s way out of a crack into the sunlight is amazing to me.

3 thoughts on “Mother Nature

  1. Mother Nature and all of her wonder wrapped up in a photo. Thank you for sharing. Some creature has dropped “poke berry” seeds in my gutter over the front porch and hubby has been so busy I don’t dare ask him to stop and clean the gutter and I don’t have a ladder small enough to get them out by myself. Hopefully soon he’ll be able to clean it out before they grow heavy enough to make it fall. Have a blessed day!

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