Beach Hiatus

Tomorrow kicks off a busy weekend followed by a week at Long Beach in Canada.

The teen queen is playing in our local Gus Macker Basketball tournament Saturday 2 games and Sunday 1 game possibly two if they win.  It’s actually being hosted right on our Island.  Excited to watch team “Avengers” play.  You can read about the tournament here:  Gus Macker

The boy is playing his first hockey game of the season with his new team, the Buffalo Saints.  He and the man will be traveling to Hamilton, Ontario in the morning for two games against the Hamilton Bulldogs.  Go Saints!!!!

And after sports we are heading up to beautiful Long Beach in Wainfleet, Canada for the week.  I am going to bring my computer this time and hopefully get the drafts written for a few posts I am way behind on!IMG_2924 (2)

This will be our spot for the next week.

Everyone have a great week and I’ll look forward to catching up on your posts when we return!  Tina

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