My Kids Socks Don’t Match

This is a great post for any farm, country living, or multi tasking mother!!

Of Kids and Cows

Balance. It’s a tricky word. Any mother can relate to this. If you work outside of the house or stay home to tend to little ones and the house, there’s always something to do. I think this is only amplified when you toss a farm in to the mix. Some days it feels like the job(s) never done.

Not only do I have to make sure my kids are eating decent meals, I have to make sure the calves are eating well too. Some days after making sure the cows needs are met we eat pizza or burgers because cooking for humans is beyond my energy level that day. It happens.

Helping to entertain her little brother in the parlor.

There are five of us who live in our house, if that’s not enough one happens to be a toddler that I’m fairly positive is a dirt magnet. In the…

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