Beaver Dam


Rohan looking for the beaver

This is a creek that eventually meets up with the Niagara River.  Last summer a beaver made this little area his home.  Every few days the kids would go down and check his progress on building his dam.  Yesterday we took our little nephew there as he wanted to check for the beaver and collect more of the chewed wood for his collection.


pile of sticks that were once the beaver dam

The town got sight of the dam in the fall and came and removed the dam with a backhoe.  This is all that is left of the dam today.  The kids were very sad but understand the importance of keeping this creek flowing.


It’s amazing to see how hard this little beaver worked even taking down quite large trees all along this area. These are things you can’t teach in a classroom and so valuable to share with the kids in my mind.


He is missed but the kids will keep looking for signs of him throughout the next few months to see if he returns.


9 thoughts on “Beaver Dam

    • This creek runs a long way until it hits a marina that flows into the Niagara River. We actually have about 1/4 of a mile of it on our property. I’m sure he moved further along the creek somewhere. The kids keep checking our section of the creek but so far he’s a no show

  1. It’s really surprisingly how these little creatures can chew and fell a tall tree. On the one hand, I admire them, on the other, I don’t like it when those trees are from my property! Then again, maybe if I had chewed tree bark when I was younger, my teeth would be very, very strong now…. (smile)

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