Cherry Pitter (BEST EVER) & Pie recipe

It’s cherry season so here is a reminder for the best cherry pitter ever!!

chase n chance ranch


It is Cherry season!!!  This little tool that I found on youtube is the ABSOLUTE best Cherry pitter.  Here is the video on how to make your own HOMEMADE CHERRY PITTER.  If you are a cherry person like I am and make pies, can and freeze cherries, you will thank me for sharing this little tip with you!!  This is easy, practical and leaves the cherry intact only removing the pitt.  YOU’RE WELCOME!!

I don’t like to have long posts so will cover our family cherry pie recipe here and will post another on how to can them for toppings (think ice cream, plain yogurt, greek yogurt, smoothies or just out of the jar for a snack!!)  Now on to what I do with cherries:

PIE…the cherries we pick are usually dark bing cherries.  They are perfectly sweet and work great in pies (you do not need sour cherries…

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One thought on “Cherry Pitter (BEST EVER) & Pie recipe

  1. Clever make-do for a cherry pitter. I happen to be the very happy owner of a family heirloom cherry pitter, complete with plunger that pushes the pit through the cherry with minimal damage to the fruit. It works very well indeed, and doesn’t have any sharp points to jab you in the drawer. But I don’t expect they’re very easy to find in the shops. If I ever lose it, I’d give your favourite a try right away!

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