Turkey Trouble


This mama turkey has been hanging around our cabin. She has a few babies we have seen running on the trails, but lately she has been hanging out closer and closer to the barn.

If you saw my previous post: Camping on the Farm, I shared that we have a cornhole game by the cabin.  This is a game you play using “corn bags” that are tossed.  The “corn bags” are a felt fabric stuffed with whole kernel corn and sewn shut.

We went back to play the game the other night and could not find the bags.  After a few minutes of searching, we found one empty bag of material, then another and another and so on.  Yep, you guessed it, mama turkey had stolen the bags and put a tiny hole in each one and eaten the corn!!

We have had no rain in almost 2 months.  The ground is hard as concrete and most of the wild vegetation has shriveled up. These poor wild animals are having a hard time finding food sources.  I am finding more and more deer in my pastures picking at leftover hay.  The raccoons are around and in the garbage, the birds are eating and drinking at the feeders and bird bath more than ever.

This picture was from yesterday.  She has now made her way up to the chicken and goat pasture and was eating the chicken scratch feed.  Needless to say, I ran to the feed store today and purchased a bag of corn to put out back in our feeder for her and her babies.

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2 thoughts on “Turkey Trouble

  1. We feed the wild ones too when food is scarce and I’ve not heard of one getting so close to humans especially with babies. I wish I could send you some of our rain. We drenched and can’t get the hay up. It’s dying now and needs to be cut, baled and stacked. We’re hoping for next week and in the meantime I’ll do a rain dance for you and hope it works! 😉

    • I know it’s crazy this weather. I honestly can’t remember when it was this dry ever at this time of year. Our ground has huge craters in it and with all the watering people are doing, even living on the Island, I am sure they will put a ban on it soon. We are building fires just large enough to cook instead of our regular bonfires. It’s kinda scary!! Send us your rain and I hope you can salvage the hay!!!

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