Back to school blues


Every year at this time I get the blues.  When summer ends and school starts the thoughts that go through my mind drag me down.  Another fun summer of carefree kid days gone, another family summer vacation done until next year, the kids will be another year older next summer, I WILL BE another year older next summer….and so on and so on.  How can anyone be happy at the return of the school season???? I LOVE my kids being home!!!

In carrying on the tradition of feeling sad and sorry for myself for a few days, I hid myself in garden chores, baking and barn work.  Slowly I am returning to the happy person I usually am, but it’s a battle that’s hard won!!

Here are a few recaps of the wonderful times we had this year so far:

Tons of time sleeping in our cabin and spending time as a family

A GREAT book for summer reading, bonfires every night for heat in the spring and to cook on…and a few date nights on the boat!

Fun in the barn with friends, farm work, canning, late night selfies and sandboxes were all enjoyed.

So goodbye Summer of 2016 and welcome Fall and Winter.  Only 13 1/2 weeks until Christmas Vacation…..but who’s counting….me…yes me me me!!



10 thoughts on “Back to school blues

  1. One of the reasons I always felt a little sad about school beginning is that it’s a reminder that time passes all too fast and soon kids will be gone.

  2. I think it’s amazing that you have the blues. I hear comments from parents all the time who are so happy their kids are back in school. Gardening and especially baking, are great ways to pass the time for sure. 🙂

  3. I just love all the pictures you posted! Your cabin looks so inviting, and so does that campfire! I was always gleeful when I sent the kids back to school, but then about the third day would start getting lonely! Of course, I fixed that by getting a job when they got a little older. If I could turn back time, those would be the days. The good news is that I can visit my grandchilden’s classrooms!

    • Thank you..we love that little cabin! It’s such a great place to spend family time with no electricity, tv or wifi!! I do work part time but just love my kids being home sleeping in and having fun on the farm. And my mom visits them every day while I am at work as I’m sure she feels like you do about visiting her grandchildren 🙂

  4. I hear you, sister. I’m so glad you have the photos and memories to remind you of a great summer. I love those photos too. Hugs to you and your family. The kids are growing up fast, eh?

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