Niagara Falls

falls falls2

We live 15 minutes away from Niagara Falls.  Here are some pictures of what it looks like right now with the pictures from last spring.  The first set of pictures is the Falls.

rapids rapids1

The second set is a picture of the rapids leading up to the Falls.

It’s an amazing sight to see so I wanted to share it.  You can find more pictures on our local news stations page

here:  Niagara Falls Frozen

Western New York Weekend


This weekend has been frigid.  I am not a complainer and I still will not complain today in -2 F temperatures and getting the 4 wheeler stuck about 1/8 mile away from the house and having to walk back to tell the man of the house (who had told me not to try and get it back there which made it MUCH worse!).

The kids were upset school was closed on Friday as they missed their Valentines parties but that lasted about 45 seconds and they realized it was great to be home and headed out to snowmobile.

Saturday morning we were hit with a snowy blustery day.  In the morning you can see how much it snowed by the snow on the bird feeder and trees.


This railing is waist high showing how much snow we have and drifting which made it a challenging walk to the barn for sure.

ride home

IMG_1703 IMG_1706

The new hens adjusted fine to their move and already are earning their keep!


In the afternoon the boy had a hockey game at a new outdoor hockey arena called Buffalo Riverworks .  It was snowing and blowing like crazy and the temperatures were around 17F but with the wind it was much colder.


The new facility is fabulous and the boys had a blast even though they lost the game and we all bundled up, even Grandma, and stood out there to cheer them on.


The drive home was quite the challenge but it was heavenly coming home to a roaring fire in the woodburner and a nice hot dinner of Turkey Chowder made with the leftover turkey and stock from Thanksgiving.

IMG_1692 IMG_1694

And tonight we will end the evening with a mom and dad night heading out to dinner at 716

followed by checking out our new Buffalo Sabres player at the game!

Bird Wars…


When you keep bird feeders around your yard, the birds let you know when they are empty.  This little cardinal was pecking at the window today letting me know it was time to refill.

As I went out to refill the feeder (it was very snowy and windy) he sat on a nearby tree branch watching.  He was very happy, as you can see by the picture, to swoop in and get his breakfast.

IMG_1533 IMG_1528

Soon after, his breakfast was disturbed by a pesky bluebird who kept flying at him to chase him off.


The cute little redhead would not give up and declared war on the bluebird.  He swooped at him over and over until the bluebird finally decided it was best to move on.

IMG_1535 IMG_1534

And the bluebird and a few sparrows surrendered and decided to eat the seed from below the feeder that the feisty redhead dropped!

Busy Saturday


Saturday was a busy day in this household.  After early morning feeding and barn chores we kicked off the day at 7:30 a.m.  This weekend was a huge tournament in Buffalo, NY for hockey.  Teams came in from all across the US, Canada and even a team from Moscow.  The boys team played in the tournament and were featured in our local paper.  Chance is the boy on the bench holding the white bladed stick waiting for his shift on the ice.

2015 varsity team

The hockey game was followed by an 11:30 basketball game for the tween queen.  The team did awesome and won their game and even posed nicely for a team picture!


After the game we decided to hit a local antique shop and look for some goodies.  There really were some unique items at this shop such as this sombrero.


A quick stop for a late lunch on the way home and the kids were off to play outside.


After some fun snow wars it was time for some snowmobiling and sledding.


And then grandma stayed with the kids so mom and dad could enjoy an evening ride around half of the Island.

Ice Fog


Ice Fog is minute ice crystals that form in the air in extremely cold temperatures.  This morning it was -9 F while driving to work and the beautiful ice fog was drifting down the river with the ice, moving along with the current.  This eventually will end up at Niagara Falls and tumble over the falls.

smoke5 smoke

This is very early in our area to see this as it’s usually around the first week of February this rolls in.  Regardless it is still such a beautiful sight to behold.

A fellow blogger, who has a wonderful blog hopping from Maine to Texas, recently posted pictures of the Sea Smoke in Maine.  Take the time to visit her page here:  Lulu’s Musings Sea Smoke.    Her pictures are stunning (and her blog is fun and full of beautiful pictures and ideas).  Sea smoke is a fog that is formed when very cold air moves over warmer water.

As the ice was moving this morning the ice fog was getting thicker and was so cool to watch drifting down current as it went.

smoke3 smoke2

Mother Nature’s beauty at her best on a very cold morning with the beautiful sun highlighting every detail.

A sad Christmas break goodbye


Today we had our first lunch “cookout” of 2015 complete with hot dogs and chicken on the grill, macaroni salad, potato salad, fruit platter, and chocolate pie for dessert.  It was our salute to the 2014 Christmas break as it’s officially over tomorrow and back to work and school for us.  Our neighbors came over to join in the goodbye.

My friend Julie is a great cook and always makes beautifully displayed and tasty dishes.  She made a macaroni salad with wagon wheel noodles which the kids love.  She also brought a wonderful assortment of fresh fruit.  IMG_1292 IMG_1296 IMG_1295

I marinated chicken breasts in a store bought Italian dressing and we grilled that along with the tasty hot dogs.

potatosalad4salad salad2 IMG_1293

I also made potato salad and a snack tray to pick at while waiting for the food to cook.

The tween queen decided she wanted to make a chocolate pudding pie for dessert.

pie pie2 pie4 pie3

She assembled the ingredients and using a store bought crust made the homemade filling.  Recipe here: Chocolate Pudding

This is the easiest and creamiest pudding recipe I have used and I am thankful to fellow blogger Jodi from Of Kids and Cows  for this perfect pudding recipe!

It’s a sad day saying goodbye to another year and wonderful break with the kids home from school, but it was a nice afternoon easing us into the coming routine again.

You can find my Classic cook out Potato Salad recipe here:  Potato Salad

Lake to Lake

Being on an Island surrounded by the Niagara River which is fed from Lake Erie and flows over Niagara Falls into Lake Ontario, offers us many wonderful things to do.


Grand Island

On the second last day of the year we headed along Lake Erie to Hamburg, NY and had a fun Hibatchi style dinner.


On New Years Eve we had an early dinner on Lake Ontario.  The streets lining Lewiston, NY were wonderfully decorated and the lights twinkled as you made your way down to Lake Ontario where we had a nice dinner overlooking a dock with a fishing boat ready to head out the next morning.

lewiston lake ontario

And a few nights later we were headed to Canalside in downtown Buffalo, NY on Lake Erie for a fun night of visiting the new ice rink which opened a few weeks ago.

downtown canalside jan 2

It was a balmy 30 degrees but there are plenty of heat lamps along the rink and a warm room with benches.  There are little shops along the way, a few different food trucks and these really, REALLY cool ice bikes you can rent.

canal bike

Can you tell what I will be renting soon???  I can’t wait to try these.  But tonight was not the night as we were headed to watch the sad Sabres play.  The kids had fun heckling the opposing team 🙂

panthers game

And after another bad loss for the Sabres we headed back to the rink to watch the novice curlers trying to learn the game which is another feature of the new rink.

curling2 curling

I love the fact we have so many things to experience right in our back and front yard just over the bridges.