Off to Canada

I will be in Vaughn/North York Canada for the boys hockey tournament leaving today for the weekend!  Have a great Fall weekend!!


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Tonight is the first game of a long 5 months of hockey season for the boy of the house.  This picture was from last season and he has changed his number to #28 this year in honor of one of his favorite Buffalo Sabres players, Girgensons!!!

Let’s go Blades!!!!

Take me out to the ball games!!


Buffalo Bisons 2nd last home game of the season

The past few days have been all about ball games as in Baseball and Football!!  Thursday we met friends and went to the 2nd last game of the season for our local Buffalo Bisons team.  It was a lot of fun.

bisons5 bisons4 bisons3 bisons2 bisons1 bisons

And today the tween had to cheer for our local junior football team, Grand Island Jr. Vikings

photo 2-1 photo

And while she was cheering the boy and man of the house went to our NFL football teams pre-season game, The Buffalo Bills!!

photo 1-1

So lucky to be able to take in all these great games.  We are a sports family and love this time of year!!  Next month HOCKEY!!  Can’t wait!!




You should always try to find a way to support your local sports teams.  I am not a huge baseball fan, but we have a team in Buffalo, the Buffalo Bisons, and I think it’s important to support that team.  Tonight my friend took her daughter, my daughter and another friend to watch the team play.  You can always find deals and tonight’s game was $5.00 to get in and you received a $5.00 food voucher FREE with your purchase. It’s also fireworks Friday so they will get to see a free fireworks show after the game.

Where there’s a will there’s a way to get yourself out and enjoy all the little treasures your area offers!!

Playoff Hockey


You may know from my past posts we are a true hockey family.  Right now I am averaging about 5 hours sleep staying up late watching the playoffs but how can I turn it off when so many of the teams have some of our beloved former Buffalo Sabres on them????  And yes this prayer is for last nights Blues / Blackhawks game.  While Patrick Kane is from Buffalo, I am sorry Ryan Miller and Steve Ott rule in our house.  It was a hard loss and I did yell a few choice words at the TV.  I did feel better though knowing Lindy Ruff tied his series!!!  So our new tagline at home is GFBS (Go Former Buffalo Sabres)!!

What’s a Sabres fan to do??

Image Image

That is the question in our house right now.  I will spare you “non” hockey fans all the details, but if you are a NHL follower, you know our horrible predicament this year.  While we mourn the end of our season, as horrible as it was, there’s confusion.  WHO DO WE ROUTE FOR NOW??? 

Normally during a hockey season you may lose one or two players.  For us, we’ve lost more than I can keep track of.  We lost some of our favorite players over the past few years and then we lost our favorite coach, goalie, center, wing, and today we lost some assistant coaches.  While you can deal with loss, this has been overwhelming.  The only saving grace for me (and my son) is we saw Zemgus Girgenson’s first game and we were hooked before most fans even knew his name.  We have enjoyed watching this kid and his crazy moves all season (hence his nickname, Crazy Eyes.  We nickname all our favorites).  We may be a farm family but we love our hockey and we will NOT (can not in this City) be a fair weather fan!

So back to our dilemma…who do we route for?  We loved Ryan Miller and Steve Ott so it could be the Blues, but we also miss Pominville so maybe the Wild.  But what about our beloved Lindy Ruff….how can we NOT route for Dallas??  But wait….what about the man we have watched for years and have more of his jersey’s than anyone, VANEK.  So now we have to like a big rival team as we can’t let Vanek down. 

I am hoping the sports God will shine down on us and let at least one of our guys win the cup!!  They may be gone but they are still a Buffalo Sabre in our hearts!! 

Hope you enjoy some of our Sabres pictures through the years!!





Weber and McCormick


Vaneks locker


Chance and Konopka




This was practice the day Nolan returned from Olympics. Our son was invited to watch



I was so glad Jochen started in the NHL here and retired here!!

ok bad pic as I had just finished a workout but it was Jochen..I had to take our pic!!